Vision & Mission
At Alchemie, our vision & mission drive our work in revolutionizing STEM education by making it accessible for all learners.
A world with well-designed tools, in which ALL students can succeed in STEM courses and careers.
Transform education through exploratory and accessible learning.
The Alchemy of Alchemie
Alchemie has created a suite of beautiful, game-inspired digital learning tools to increase student success in STEM. With our interactives, students explore and experience science content, while gaining real-time feedback to build the spatial and conceptual reasoning skills needed to be successful in the classroom and the workforce.
Through thoughtful, inclusive design of digital interactives that are easy to use, non-intimidating, and accessible, Alchemie is paving the way for all students, including those who are blind or visually impaired, to learn and understand science visualizations.
Paving the Way
Alchemie is emerging as the innovative lead of truly inclusive interactive learning tools for STEM.
With a B2B business model, we focus on creating value for our customers – publishers and content providers – by integrating our LTI-compliant learning tools directly into existing learning systems to create engaging and effective experiences to explore chemistry and physics content.
The accessibility of these learning tools, through innovations like the Kasi system, an audio-based augmented reality interactive system, enhances learning experiences for all students.