Our mission is to create innovative, digital learning technology for students.

We aim to make intuitive learning both accessible and affordable for students everywhere. The initial concepts derive from the founder's decades of teaching college-level chemistry in the small classes of an independent high school. We have taken this unique perspective of pedagogy and transformed it into game-based learning modules.

Interact. Explore. Learn.

Enhance student learning with dynamic experiences of STEM content and assessment with game-inspired interactives.
This Web header is an animated illustration rendered with clean charcoal-colored lines, grey shading, and light green accent colors. It features a large book opened with two students exploring the pages inside it. The right page has a chemical structure made of 8 carbons coming out of the page, turning from a 2D structure to a 3D one, and one of the students observeing the closest carbon. The left page shows a mechanism, and the 2nd student is placing an arrow to complete it. It features a chat bubble to the left of the 2nd student animated in a choppy style, showing how the text is read to the student. The pencil line extends to the left with a squiggly trail that continues into a swooping motion. The line has come alive with illustrations of a flask, magnify glass, DNA, and atom structures all connected by the pencil's trail illustrating how a 2D concept can come alive.
Innovative Digital Experiences

Our web-based tools deliver immediate feedback to students as they explore content, gaining the deeper connections needed for long-lasting learning.

  • Seamless assessment
  • Readily integrated learning platforms
  • Accessible for all
A monitor containing gifs of the different interactives.A gif of the Hybridization interactive.A gif of the 3D mechanisms interactive.A gif of the Lewis interactive.A gif of the Sketcher interactive.
A gif animation with a camera, screen showing a physics puzzle, and a physical board with tactile pieces being manipulated. Chat bubbles are illustrated to the right of the screen displaying how Alchemie's tools communicate to the user.

Accessibility by Design

Our patent-pending, research-backed technology delivers accessibility as a key feature of the learning experience.

Providing independent learning for students with blindness or low vision using multi-sensory augmented reality.