Creating Community in Online Learning

September 1, 2020
Ideas That MatterJulia Winter

Creating community in online learning In this podcast we talk with Bellevue College faculty member Jennie Kong Mayer and her organic chemistry student Rizmina Lathiff about features she used with Zoom to make her online class more interactive. We caught up with Jennie after a post in about the methods she used to build community and engagement in her summer organic chemistry class. I was so used to seeing my students in person and then we would meet online. But with this spring quarter going completely online, it was like we were all complete strangers. So, do you create that classroom feeling in a virtual setting?That’s the question that Jennie tries to answer in the podcast!

ChemEDX Blog Post "Increasing Engagment in Online Lecture Using Zoom Features"

Jennie Kong Mayer

Co- Author