Adapting Labs for a New Norm

August 25, 2020
Ideas That MatterJulia Winter

Lab flow was designed to wrap digital curriculum around the traditional lab, wet bench experience that we're all trying to give students, which I think it's very important. But starting in April, when schools started closing down, we had a number of institutions who were using our software and they said, could you help us? We brought together two initiatives. One was our platform and all of the pre-lab preparation work that we did, and we provide a lot of content to get students prepared for lab. A lot of that content is video content showing how to do a particular technique or how to use a piece of equipment in the lab. So that became very valuable to replace the in-lab learning experiences. If the students couldn't do it directly with their hands, at least they could see it being done properly.


A separate initiative was that we were building a open education resource lab manual, because it's a part of our mission to lower the cost of education for students. We told our existing that we’ll configure your course to deliver provisional data, and your students will be able to complete their lab reports as they normally would by being given a set of data rather than collecting it themselves.We explore more in this conversation: lab simulations, home labs, badging, how to structure a lab class in the pandemic, and even cheating. Be ready for the fall classes with this great conversation.Thanks to Jamie for the difference he is making in helping lab instructors and students who want to learn!

Jamies Caras

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