Active learning through touch

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Challenges with Organic Chemistry

Over 40% Fail

Organic chemistry in college is a notoriously difficult class, with a fail rate that exceeds 40%.

STEM Roadblock

Organic chemistry stands in the path of students wanting to progress in careers in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

Spatial Understanding

Required for success in organic chemistry, it's not readily learned with traditional textbooks and lectures.

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Our first game, Chairs, provides puzzles for learning spatial reasoning, a key for mastering organic chemistry. In organic chemistry, ring flips require advanced visual thinking skills. Chairs! turns ring and bond flips into a fun visual puzzle game. More Alchemie games are coming soon!

About Us

We develop mobile games that make learning organic chemistry tactile, intuitive, and fun. Alchemie creates games out of the puzzles of organic chemistry. Through the use of a touch screen, our games make the theoretical touchable. We are providing an innovative path to success in organic chemistry.