A study guide on carbocation rearrangements
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For each of the following, find a more stable carbocation using a hydride and or alkyl shift and place your answer in the box if you've downloaded the pdf version of the guide, if not you can download it here. Use the space below the scheme to show your work. Then discover the answer by playing through the associated puzzle in Mechanisms. For more review on carbocation rearrangements watch the videos linked to the task card or view them under the puzzles below.

Looking for more practice?
See if you can catch when a hydride shift and or an alkyl shift
is a step in the following Mechanism puzzles:
Substitution - 17, 18
Elimination - 17, 18, 20
Addition - 7, 9, 10, 17, 19, 20
Alcohol - 10, 11, 12