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"Use of Mechanisms has enabled my students to think on a higher level about organic reaction mechanisms. Because they don’t have to worry as much about the mechanics of drawing structures and arrows, while using Mechanisms they focus on the movement of electrons and make significantly fewer nonsensical “moves” than they would if drawing mechanisms on paper.”

- Michael Evans, Georgia Tech

"One fundamental skill that most students seem to grasp with the use of the app was that mechanistic arrows are for showing movement of electrons. This is fundamental to understanding what is being expressed with mechanism notations and it has been something that students who struggle with organic chemistry have not been able to grasp in past classes. This semester however, with the Alchemie Mechanisms app, even those who are struggling are using mechanistic arrows correctly. "
-Karelle Aiken, Georgia Southern University

“I never assigned the mechanism problems because it is

not intuitive and a nightmare to teach, but the Mechanisms App visually

represents what I see in my head to my students.

-Aaron Lineberry

Chemistry Professor

Olney Central College

-Mr. Kripp (App Store Review)

“I have looked for and not found anything similar to this, so your app is pretty much going to be my baseline for most chemical apps in the future.”

- Kyle, Student at University of Texas at Tyler
(Mechanisms Review) 

"I liked it because if I’m doing it on paper, it’s like I’m just drawing letters and sticks. But on the app everything is laid out, it’s not just drawing on paper so it’s easier for me to visualize how things are attached to each other, not just drawing arrows to go to it.  It’s easier to work with opposed to drawing it on paper with arrows.”

- Josh, Student at Eckerd College
(Mechanisms Review) 
"It helped me to figure out what to do next. When doing homework, I could remember seeing it in the app and I would keep that in mind because I could picture it and figure out what to do next.”

- Mary, Student at CUNY Lehman College
(Mechanisms Review) 
The first and only tool for organic chemistry that allows students to learn and practice reaction mechanisms by moving and manipulating individual bonds and electrons.

Make and Break bonds

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