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February 28, 2019
Teaching & LearningSarah Wegwerth

I have a hypothesis that many instructors have seen the research and know that active learning is an effective teaching method.  In fact, I would even guess that many would like to at least partially adopt it in their teach practice, that is if they had the time. Let’s face it though, it is far easier just to lecture.

At Alchemie we work hard to make learning accessible for students. Yet, we know that you, the instructors, play a crucial role in guiding students in their studies. Our apps can reach maximum impact in student learning when you integrate them into your curriculum. That is why we consider the needs of both the students and instructors during product design and why we spend time developing instructor resources.

Q: So what is our vision for our next instructor resource?

A: Active learning content utilizing both Mechanisms and ModelAR (a model kit which will be released at the ACS meeting March 31st).

Q: Are you teaching organic chemistry this summer or want to be ready for the fall to incorporate active learning content for your course?

A: If so, then fill out this form to start our conversation. We look forward to working with you!

Stay tuned for more posts on active learning and a glimpse at what we are envisioning for this new instructor resource.

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