Animator Flash Point #6: Mechanisms

October 19, 2017
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Animator Flash Point: Mechanisms

Another news flash: We are releasing Animator for web! You can now access Alchemie Animator on any web browser from your computer - and our cloud sharing platform works seamlessly across both mobile and web. Access Animator for the web here. And don't forget you can use the school code OCTOBER2017 to sign up for our cloud sharing platform (free for this month!).

Our first test of Animator was with upper-level chemistry students at the University of Michigan. These students were the peer-teachers for the honors organic chemistry course of Professor Brian Coppola. One of the major projects in this course is for students to create step-by-step ChemDraw animations of a reaction from the literature. Three of these student-teachers built animations using an early version of Animator and compared the process to that method they used with ChemDraw.  One of the reactions was the aldol mechanism shown below, which was also featured in an article in C&E News for the 2017 ACS meeting.

The students did a long de-brief session after the use of Animator.  One of the students made a great observation:

“The app makes it easy to make mistakes, and I mean this in a good way. So making mistakes is not the end of the world. Trying something out and then fixing it is when learning takes place.”

Today's Flash Point challenge: Use Animator to build any mechanism you want! Thanks to the creative talent of Alex Leontyev at Adams State and Michael Wentzel at Augsburg College, you can see some great already constructed animations in the Mechanisms group on the sharing platform (group code: mechanisms)

Below are a few of the mechanism animations from Professor Leontyev (you can also watch on Youtube here).






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