Animator Flash Point #4: Intermolecular Forces

October 12, 2017
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Animator Flash Point: Intermolecular Forces

One of the very first animations we made as we developed Animator was showing the dissolution of sodium chloride with water. Our lead research consultant, Professor Brittland DeKorver of Grand Valley State University, created an animation with a lot of particles on the screen!

(If you want to see this animation in action go to 1:38 of this YouTube video showing Professors Michael Seery of University of Edinburgh and Professor DeKorver.)

Intermolecular Forces Flash Point Prompt

Join the IM Forces Group with the Group Code: im_forces

In this Flash Point construct animations to show different intermolecular forces.

Example structures:

1)     Show hydrogen bonding between molecules of water and ammonia.

2)     Show ion-dipole interactions between water and sodium and chloride ions.

3)     Create an animation showing non-polar particles (like strings of carbons) and water in the same animation. You can even use the Erlenmeyer background for this one!

There are many possibilities, especially as you add different atoms with our particle creator.

I created an animation of London forces using the following particles. We would love to see someone else put Animator to the test to build a different version of this intermolecular force.


Once completed add your animations to the IM Forces group. And check out what others have added, too!

Illustrating the movement and interaction of molecules is why we created this product.  The Animator as it stands now is what is termed a MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. We are looking for our early users to guide us as we add the features that you want! So as you build your animations in this exercise, keep track of what you want Animator to do and we will do our best to accommodate. Email and we will add your requests and follow up with you!

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