Animator Flash Point #3: Lewis Structures

October 9, 2017
Flash PointsJulia Winter

Animator Flash Point: Lewis Structures

Helping students understand the structural relationships using Lewis structures sets the stage for later concepts of molecular geometry through VSEPR, polarity, intermolecular forces, and organic functional groups and biochemistry. The key skill is to have students attain that kind of molecular “spell checker,” that comes with practice: they can recognize a structure as having the right combinations of bonds and electrons at each atom. This skill comes with practice!

Below is shown two different Lewis structures for NO2. One of our early student testers at the University of Michigan came up with the idea of using a colon in a particle to represent an election pair. I loved that contribution to Animator “best practices.”

Lewis Structure Flash Point Prompt

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View these animations like a chemical model set –  Animator is like a chemistry Etch-a-Sketch™.

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