Demo Day @ Alchemie

July 12, 2017
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Demo Day @ Alchemie

We welcomed our Michigan supporters to our newly renovated space in Troy with an Alchemie Demo Day on June 9. Our focus during the spring of 2017 has been to push a wide range of “submit” buttons. Thanks to a grant from the Macomb Innovation Fund, we hired a group of very talented and productive interns, who accelerated our efforts to ready these launches. The best part of Demo Day was having our interns and employees show off their work to everyone, it was truly a team effort. [Hat tips to the team-member who did the demonstration.]


Julia kicking Demo Day off

·The Animator App is now tied to our Epiphany Cloud-sharing platform. We are selling subscriptions to this platform to universities and schools, at a very reasonable cost per student. Our goal is to have 5000 students creating and sharing animations this September. Interest has been strong, and we are currently structuring agreements with multiple institutions, with University of Minnesota and University of Detroit Mercy leading the way. [Kep Amun, took over Animator project in January, and joined the team as our first full-time, non-founding team member in April.]

·We submitted a grant proposal for $225K to the NSF to build ChirosVR, a suite of products for molecular construction with VR and game-based learning. In preparing this proposal we tested our VR model with nearly 60 instructors and students, many of whom had never used a VR player. Responses to our prototype were overwhelmingly positive. [Alex Tabing, Venture for America Fellow, and now Alchemie’s product manager, learned the ins and outs of SBIR grant writing, and did the majority of the testing of the model with users.]

·We re-designed our website from the ground up to showcase all our products, added this new blog site to share with our community, and take in revenue from customers. [Liz Gross, our graphic designer, became our webmaster in this process. This multi-talented lady can even help with QuickBooks, too.]

·Our Connections app was released. This beautiful puzzle game has chemistry at its core, but is not “about” chemistry. It is also the beginning of our data platform, with users’ moves compared as the puzzles are solved. [Ben Lapid, University of Michigan, our super intern and very first employee, transformed chemistry algorithms into game play, created the UX and constellation theme. Intern Sarah Boeving, College for Creative Studies, expanded the graphic design with cool assets, obstacles, and a special scene at the completion of the game. Intern Jordan Salvi, Michigan State University, hooked up the data collection system and tied it to our cloud-platform so we can understand the learning process during game-play.]

Thanks to all who attended. Feel free to stop by for a visit. We love to demo our technology!


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