Epiphany Platform

Technology to Support and Engage Each Student

The Epiphany Platform provides a new method of engaging students: integrating intuitive and captivating digital tools with cloud-sharing and real-time feedback. Epiphany captures each student’s journey through our tools as they work to solve and complete exercises - giving you a comprehensive look at students’ learning progress and process beyond traditional tests. Epiphany helps instructors understand not just what students know, but how and when they know it.

Digital Tools



Real-Time Assessment
(Coming 2018)

Learning Tools

Our tools give students the space to experiment with ideas and apply concepts as they learn - encouraging critical thinking and problem solving. We blend commercial game design with the mobile and digital technologies that students have grown up with to provide a unique and refreshing learning experience.

Alchemie’s first suite of tools span the chemistry curriculum - from high school and general chemistry to organic chemistry. These tools help students build an intuitive understanding of molecular concepts in chemistry.